This is how you measure children's feet and determine their shoe size!

How proud are you when your little rascal takes his or her first steps? Before you know it, they'll be blasting across the schoolyard! Not only does time fly by, children also increase their shoe size at a rapid pace. It is therefore important to place the measuring stick along the feet every 2 to 3 months. Kids grow fast, which means their shoe size also changes quickly. Shoes that are too small and cramped are very bad for the development of the foot. It is therefore important to check this a few times a year.


  • Measure the CM's of the foot with our foot meters. The size is best determined based on the CMs of the foot and the CMs of the inner dimensions that are noted in the product description for each sneaker;
  • Determine which size best suits the meeting;
  • In addition to the length of the foot, allow +/- 5 to 8 MM of growth space. A growth space of 5 to 8 MM is sufficient space for a period of approximately 5 months with average growth. This way your little rascal can enjoy his or her pataz for longer;
  • Measure both feet as there may be a difference in length between the left and right feet.

TIP - Use our foot gauges to determine the exact size.